Meat really goes well with scotch Irrelevant of the brand Venison, steakhouse food generally–bold but simple flavors. Fillet steak, partridge, pheasant, broiled lamb, and BBQ shrimp.

Scotch with blue cheese, a strong cheese needs an equally strong Scotch. Blue cheese and strawberry jam on crackers, some strong smoked and sliced sausage plates, stuffed olives, anchovies… anything sort of ripe and strong.

Smoked salmon, smoked meat and lamb work well. Smoked salmon blinis with a whiskey infused crème fraiche.

Smoked haddock or bassa might work but in these cases you’d be looking at infusion rather than actually cooking with it especially for fish.

Dragon Fire Wings. The sauce is made with chili and ghost peppers, as well as ginger and soy sauce and the special wings.

Ardmore Traditional Cask Scotch with lamb stew
Ardmore’s tang of peat can’t be beat, especially when digging into a steaming plate of lamby goodness.

Ardbeg Scotch with sushi
The “salty, sea brine” accents of Ardbeg are the perfect accompaniment to that plate of nigiri.

Whisky and scallops
Seafood is whiskies best friend and pairing silky, delicate scallops with the lively, energetic sweetness and citrusy accents of Old Putney 17 year old. A touch of seaside on the finish will bind the two together perfectly.

Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch with pumpkin pie
This scotch is “laden” with “vanilla and hints of spice,” making it the ideal counterpart to a luscious pumpkin pie.

Benromach 10-Year-Old Scotch with orange-flavored chocolate
The citrus notes in the Scotch will bring out the orange in the chocolate.

A Sherry Oak 18-Year-Old Scotch with a dark chocolate soufflé
Dried fruit, spice and chocolate orange” notes make this scotch almost a dessert unto itself.

Scotch with Ice cream
Auchentoshan, with coconut Ice cream.