Springbank was established in 1828 on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still.

Springbank is also the oldest independent family-owned distillery in Scotland, and has always been owned and operated by the Mitchell family, who officially founded the distillery in 1828. The distillery (and whisky production in Campbeltown) has gone through some ups and downs over the past 200 or so years, but Springbank has proven itself to be long lasting and is well-respected today by lovers of single malt scotches.

The distillery is now in the hands of our current Chairman, Hedley G. Wright, Mitchell’s great, great grandson – the fifth generation of the Mitchell family to own and manage Springbank.

Our team use traditional production methods and are involved in each and every step of the whisky making process – meaning our whisky is the most handmade in Scotland. Unlike any other distillery in the country, 100% of this process is carried out here on one site, giving us unrivalled control over the quality of the whisky.

pringbank malts, kilns, mills, and mashes its own barley, which is rare these days. The end product of this “everything in one house operation” tends to be quite “old school.” I just love that. Too much of anything is bad, but too much Springbank is rarely enough. Reminds me of the way Scotch used to taste when I was young and thumbing my way through Scotland.

Being based in Campbeltown, the once proclaimed ‘whisky capital of the world’, it is no surprise that many of the methods established by our forefathers are still applied in the distillery today.

Passion and skill are poured into every last drop during production; ensuring whisky drinkers consistently enjoy the tastes and characteristics that have become synonymous with Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow, the three distinct single malts made at our distillery.

Visitors to Campbeltown can today enjoy learning about the rich history of our distillery during one of our many tours, held by our welcoming and knowledgeable team. The Springbank Society also offers whisky lovers the chance to attend exclusive events and purchase special edition limited release whiskies, bottled especially for society members.

Incredibly proud of the whisky, the area and the history, we are dedicated to preserving the heritage of the distillery so that Springbank can continue to be enjoyed across the world for centuries to come.