Tipple of Peach & Peat

50ml Kilchoman
5ml Peach Liqueur
5ml Simple Syrup
10ml Light Amaro
4 Dashes of Tiki Bitter
Stir all in Mixing Glass – Serve in Chilled Cocktail Glass or over Large Cube

The Suburban Whisky Cocktail

3 Parts Kilchoman
1 Part Dark Rum
1 Part Port Red
1 Dash Orange Bitters
1 Dash Angostura Bitters
Stir all in Mixing Glass – Serve in Chilled Cocktail Glass

Juicy Fruit: (A Dan Pate Original)

1 Part Kilchoman Sanaig
1 Part Golden Falernum
1 Part Light Amaro
Orange Zest
Stir All in Mixing Glass – Either strain into chilled cocktail glass, or serve over Large Cube, Zest with Orange Peal

Smoked Blackberry Bramble

Fresh blackberries or a spoonful of Blackberry Preserves
2 Parts Kilchoman
1 Part Blackberry Liquor (optional)
1 Part simple syrup or maple or agave Or Honey
1.5 Parts fresh lemon juice
Ginger Brew or Soda to Top
In a cocktail shaker, muddle blackberries with Scotch, blackberry liquor (optional) lemon juice, simple syrup or agave,
until broken up and they release their juice.
Double strain, using a fine mesh strainer, to remove seeds.
Fill rock glass with ice and top with soda or ginger brew. Garnish with a blackberry and lemon zest.

For Bloody Sake:

A spin on the Bloody Mary where a Kilchoman takes the place of Vodka/Gin

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