1898, Only the best.  From the very first moments, everyone involved in Tamdhu had the same mind-set – only the best will do. And so it began. The best distillery architect and engineer of the day, Charles C Doig ESQ, was enlisted. The best location by the banks of the River Spey was acquired. The most advanced techniques were chosen. And the best sherry casks from Spain were selected.

In 1949, they began to modernise the original floor maltings and took the innovative decision to introduce Saladin boxes, a French invention that mechanises the barley turning process.

Speyside’s Tamdhu distillery, Knockadhu has released a new 12-year-old single malt to replace its 10-year-old expression. The 12 is a balanced, ‘rock-solid’ Sherried whisky with big, rich flavors, and a long finish. Check out that handsome retro bottle, too.

 A fabulous Tamdhu, matured exclusively in a combination of first-fill and refill Oloroso sherry casks for 12 years. Sherried Speyside whisky is always a winner, with oodles of fruit and spice. 

Pour yourself a dram of the 12-year-old expression and you’ll appreciate why we mature our spirit entirely in the finest sherry oak casks. The luxury box reveals the stylish bottle. You’ll taste the intense richness on the palate and enjoy the deep, long finish it delivers.

ABV: 43%. Color: Amber. Cask: Olorosa sherry oak

Big, quite rich, yet sweetly Sherried. There are notes of allspice, raisin and date with a sprig of mint, before fruit cake and Sherried funkiness come in. Things progress through chocolate (fruit and nut) and the smell of new wellies (this is a positive), then tea bread with butter, and wet reeds. With a taste with orange Starburst, cinnamon swirls and toasted oak, along with some mint chocolate. A drop of water brings out more earthy notes along with sweet fig and cinnamon.

Soft and, like the nose, quite sweet. There’s even a hint of vanilla at the start, before the dark fruits come in and it starts to grow in weight and chewiness before a late burst of citrus. There’s a further burst of rich, cooked berry fruits. 

With lots of plum, juicy raisin, fried banana, raspberry jam doughnuts and oak spice. Rich and enticing, iced cinnamon rolls, orange boiled sweets, fresh sweet oak with raisins and a faint hint of mint. Water brings out roast almond, black cherry and coriander. 

Pleasantly long and balanced with ground spice, dried fruit and soft Scottish tablet – finally unveiling the merest wisp of peat smoke. With ginger bread, raisin with chocolate fudge and just a whisper of smoke, and sweet cinnamon returning.

Balance, Body & Feel
A fantastic dram giving rich sherry notes but also allowing the fruitier style to shine through. Silky texture that coats the mouth with banana, berry jam, malt biscuit and classic sherry oak depth.