Kilchoman was the first distillery to be built on Islay for over 124 years and remains Islay’s only family run distillery. Kilchoman is Islay’s Farm Distillery, the only distillery in Scotland to distill their whisky from barley grown and malted on site

After 11 years of aging in an ex-Bourbon barrel, was distilled in August 2007 and bottled in January 2019. This single barrel bottling exudes character and texture. Waves of peat, vanilla, toffee, coconut shavings, baked pear, red berry and oak spice. Another classic from The ImpEx Evolution series.

They ship all their barrels whole directly to Islay. All their Bourbon barrels are sourced exclusively from Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky allowing for very consistent maturation. These casks are exclusively available in the US. A lively and playful release that marries the attributes of Islay peat and ex-bourbon barrels judiciously.

ABV: 55.9%.

Floral sweetness with caramel, vanilla and citrus. With ashy, smoky peat, bright lemons, salt & some minerality and only slightly medicinal. It is accented with even notes of clover, malt, and confectionary sugar with peat only emerging in the distance. With water bright lemons and brine really pop out of the glass. The sweet vanilla aromas also waft out ahead of the smoke. Excellent either way.

Softer than expected for 55.9%, medium bodied, balanced and complex with fresh fruit, butterscotch, lemon tart and cinnamon with hints of soft peat smoke. Very ashy, medicinal, a touch of toffee, some vanilla crème brulee, a bit earthy, with some minty eucalyptus flavors. A sip from the glass delivers a more aggressive kick of ginger, whipped cream, and campfire flavors. With water the palate shows more sweet barley notes and brown sugar when diluted.

Fairly long and clean with citrus, crème brulee with waves of Islay smoke, eucalyptus, a touch of cardamom, burning leaves, ash lingering. Highly recommended.

Balance, Body & Feel
This bottle was a brilliant example of what well-made spirit, aged properly in a good cask can become. This one has gotten a little sweeter with time, but hasn’t changed as much as many whiskies do over time. The mix of peat, malt, and oak is wonderful here. I’d say that this whisky has more sweet, slightly vegetable peat than it does actual smoke.