The Sherry and wood form a pincer movement that stamps out any sense of identity in the distillate itself. A great Sherry-matured malt should possess a balance between distillery identity, fruitiness, earthiness and a lick of spice. Sherry bombs almost always eschew this tightrope balance in favour of heat, density and aggression of wood flavor.

Each batch is specially crafted, A’bunadh is a unique cask strength. Meaning ‘the original’ in Gaelic, is made in homage to Aberlour’s founder, James Fleming. While it carries no age statement, each bottle carries a unique batch number. The whisky is a blend from barrels ranging from five to 25 years in age, and is bottled at cask strength..

The result is a heavier, creamier single malt than most have ever experienced, with an intense raisin character. The A’Bunadh, matured in Spanish Oloroso Sherry butts and bottled at cask strength. These are always excellent as winter warmers and postprandial drams and bottled at natural cask strength. love the nose and the way tasting makes my tastebuds come alive and then the velvet warmth as you swallow

ABV: 59.6%. Color: Dark amber. No chill filltration. No coloring added

There are very distinctive fruit notes, more cooked than dried, with peach, apricot, prune and golden raisins, as well as a hint of cherry. Also notes of candied orange zest and bittersweet marmalade as well as sweet spice aromas of nutmeg, allspice and a bit of cinnamon, followed by hints of vanilla and then walnut. Distinctive sweet honey notes above a backdrop of waxiness and hints of furniture polish are clear throughout, typical of heavily sherried. Full bodied sherry, raisins, hint of orange and almonds with heavy slabs of milk chocolate, with touches of almond and Christmas cake.

The whisky has an overwhelming sherry note. The alcohol is pronounced, but not unduly harsh, and creates a not undesirable, progressively warming sensation in the mouth. There is a soft, oily creamy texture with the pronounced weight and mouth feel that would be expected from the combination of high alcohol and sherry sweetness. Intense dried fruit notes, and are joined by dark chocolate truffle and herbaceous cigar box elements with raisins, oak, orange and spice notes

Very long. Subtle peppery hints hide underneath the Sherried peels and coffee bean notes. Long raisin and oak finish

Balance, Body & Feel
Whiskies aged in first-fill Sherry butts are especially so, those drawn entirely from such sherried stock are invariably known as “sherry bombs” for the potent flavors the malt whisky has derived from its time spent with the sherry-soaked wood. The character, therefore, is down to the Sherry itself, but also oxidation and the way in which the Sherry has interacted with and changed compounds in the oak. All of these then interact over time with the maturing spirit.